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Missing Poker Player Richard Cole's Body Found in Amsterdam Canal

Family and friends of Richard Cole, who went missing on Monday, Jan. 25, are mourning as the body of the 30-year-old British man from Gloucestershire was found in Amsterdam.

According to the BBC, Cole’s body was pulled from Herengracht canal after a search utilizing sonar equipment.

A police investigation is underway to determine how Cole’s body ended up in the water, with other reports suggesting foul play. Cole was believed to have been drinking with strangers before disappearing around 2 a.m. GMT on Monday, Jan. 25.

Cole had been travelling from Copenhagen to Assen via Amsterdam. The Thorbeckepleim area of the city was his last known location. Cole’s Las Vegas-based girlfriend, Alicia Marie, was the last known person Cole contacted.

Speaking to the BBC, Marie said: "He had been out with some people he had just met, which is common for Richard as he is very friendly. I just said to be careful, please go home, get a cab. We got off the phone and I texted him a picture of his address to show his cab but it never went through."

Richard Cole with his girlfriend Alicia Marie

Marie attempted to contact Cole via text messages and Apple’s Facetime but was unable to reach her boyfriend.

"I imagine that he turned off his phone or his phone died. Throughout the night, when I was at work, I tried to Facetime him and I tried to text him, but nothing went through."

Cole’s brother, Lee, who had been in Amsterdam distributing flyers and visiting Cole’s last known location, identified the body while the rest of his family have been in contact with the British Consulate.

Anyone who saw Cole on Monday night or may have any information about Cole are urged to contact their local police force or comment on the “Help us find Richard Cole” page so the information can be passed on to the Dutch authorities.

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