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How To Win Samgong

Before starting the game, the city will Samgong randomly shuffles the card deck. After randomization card is finished, each player will get a share of 3 scratch cards. Lucky for you if that card is a row of 3 x 10. To obtain the card twin 10 x 3 would require a large fortune. However, you can still get a chance of victory despite the 3 scratch cards is not composed of 10. Once you get three cards, you are given the opportunity to add a card from the deck city.

Bandar will provide an opportunity two times for you to add to the card. In Samgong jud game, the game will be completed if there is a player who opened the card. In the position of any value, other players also have to open the card hand. After all cards are open, the city will begin to count them.
Score cards will get according to the nominal value stated. Then, the graphics card such as J, Q, K each scored 10. Meanwhile, As will represent 11 or 1. As the value of the difference depends on the regulations in place (agent) you play. Samgong key to success in the game is straightforward and precise thinking. If you feel confident with the number of card hands, immediately do the closing. If you are late to think, it could be other players will add to the card and managed to close to kemenganan value of 30.